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We are bringing the digital green eMobility to your City


The team has many years of international experience and has successfully handled numerous of national as well as cross-border transactions. The team can rely on an extensive network of industry contacts and established working relationships with IFIs, commercial banks, energy utilities, technology providers, construction firms, attorneys and investors.


The team is focused on the development of city e-Mobility 4.0 services. We are to extend capacities, resources and structures by partnering prime IT houses in the field of hard- and software, EV and infrastructure supplier, elite process certification partners, energy brokers, marketing and sales experts and financiers.


Our objective is to be most trusted partners for implementing city e-Mobility 4.0 in our Cities and Regions.

Track record

In the past the Management team of Nawitas has built a considerable team track record in the development, structuring and financing of energy efficiency and RES projects.


Nawitas a.s. places e-Mobility 4.0 for own operations and as well as franchise, in CEE Cities, Regions and beyond. Nawitas starts implementing a network of e-Mobility 4.0 hot spots, which are called ePoints. The initial roll out are ePoints in partner Cities larger than 10.000 inhabitants.

Customers will access a pool of EVs, eScooter, eBikes & charging infrastructure through the IT & telematics services platform via mobile application. The e-Mobility 4.0 IT & telematics services platform is perfectly scalable throughout the CEE and beyond.

The ePoint is the standardised underlying unit for the smart green e-Mobility 4.0 networks roll out. The ePoints are profit centres for the franchisee which offer most attractive and affordable e-Mobility 4.0.


Nawitas objective is price leadership in EV-sharing and enabling Green e-Mobility 4.0 initiative in CEE Cities, regions and beyond. Nawitas helps by transforming individual urban movement into e-Mobility matters:

  • Coordination of product placement, promotion, marketing and sales together and in co-operation with city administrators, suppliers of products and services
  • Utilization of purchase power towards suppliers of EVs, charging infrastructure and energy
  • Maximize EV usage ratio
  • Establish scalable management structures and capacities
  • Attract elite external partners for operation of our business model

For our Cities:

  • Additional income for the Municipal budget
  • Affordable alternative to conventional mobility for the citizens
  • 100% reduction of CO2, GHG
  • Reduction of fine dust and noise
  • Additional business and jobs in your Cities
  • Less traffic jam & better parking solutions

For Investors:

  • Offer the attractive investment case for trustworthy investors
  • Attractive risk-return trade off
  • Future orientated Green e-Mobility 4.0 investment
  • New smart City solutions

For B2C customers:

  • Safe money compared to conventional individual mobility patterns
  • Consume e-Mobility products is both advantageous and timesaving
  • Offer community services such as ridesharing

For B4B customers:

  • e-Mobility package and Green image at fair & moderate conditions
  • Attractive offer to employees / commuters
  • Be part of the Cities Green e-mobility initiative


Account for EVs and e-scooter supplier

Within this platform the supplier is able to see information restricted just to its own company account only.

Nawitas has identified more than 100 EV manufacturer and is to rate and select most promising suppliers for the e-Mobility 4.0 operation.

Account for Cities

The Smart Green City e-Mobility 4.0 operation will create jobs and positive international image, it will support entrepreneurship within the City and generate additional income for City’s budget.

Client Account (Public)

Save money, improve your environmental foot print, have fun and be part of a larger urban mobility community, be independent from the oil industry, be part of a community to change urban movement.

Latest News




Market Intelligence

Identification and evaluation of EVs and charging infrastructure supplier. Evaluation of existing IT solutions. Analysis of the eMobility market in Slovakia, CZ, PL.




Product design

Elaboration of the Unique Selling Proposition & the defining the state of the art eMobility products for B2C and B4B.




IT & Telematics platform

Creation of the Nawitas green eMobility 4.0 Use Case. Approaching potential IT provider for negotiation on the creation of the green eMobility 4.0 IT platform.




Product development

Starting the process of putting together all the complete solution for the green eMobility 4.0 solution.




Slovakia Market Approach

Identification and selection of cities for market entry. Setting of the communication concept towards these cities for testing the appetite and affinity for the green eMobility 4.0 solution.




Road shows to the Slovakian Cities

We are presenting the eMobility 4.0 solutions to the Slovakian cities and evaluation the potential initial projects.

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